About us


The CLUB RC AEROMODELISMO DEL EBRO has the goal of promoving the World of Aeromodelism to everybody interested in. We have all kind of models, as “gliders, tugsgliders, models, acrobatics”;with engines of explosion or electric, and even wind powered.


Often we organize events for our associates, and sometimes we receive specialists in other fields as tug-sailors, championships of triangulation, jets exhibitions, etc…


Our installations include an asphalt track, an heliport and a grass track. Both the asphalt an the grass tracks are NW oriented, and their dimensions are 160 m long x 16 m wide (the asphalt one) and 300 m x 20 m the grass one. We also have a parking, an hangar, a cafeteria and a rural dodge.


Our base has the category of Aerodrome, so it can be legally used by other plains as ULM.


If you are a passionate of flying, this can be the place to make your dreams come true.





What Aeromodelism is? Aeromodelism . is a hobby thet requires a basic knowledgement about aeronautics, design and construction. Fortunately, nowadays we have the help of a very affordable techinology that permits, with that basics, be able to construct our aeroplane models and make them fly.


In old times, the fans had to construct their aeromodels almost piece to piece from zero, what took a long time to finish them and, in addition, had many possibilities of mistakes or breaksdown. Now, most of suppliers have ARTF models, premounted in a 95%, that can be easily setted up and have no problems. Everyone can get all kind of materials, from wood to composites, very light and easy to use. The same can be said about motors. And you can also find aeromodels that can fly only with the power of wind.


Here, in the called TERRES DE L´EBRE we are proud to say that we have one of the best airfields in the region. The staff is also very experienced, in some cases about 50 years.




Our Associates


Our associates have different kind of aeromodels. Some of them prefer high wings because they allow an easy flight, in spite of the mistakes made by the pilot The aeromodels with medium or low wings are more difficult to pilot because they don´t allow many mistakes, being more difficult to land.


Among our aeromodels, there are Mustangs, Spitfire, Piper J3, helicopters, multicopters, even jets extremeles fasts, sailors that must be tugged, and all kind or maquettes. Hat reproduce the real planes, as Corsair, Texan, etc….